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how to save a life .002

-- d-dammit!

ooc: so, this is Cloud and the final battle of his Advent Children arc against a reborn Sephiroth.  He's just had his body impaled,  pretty badly sliced up then been thrown down quite a few stories to impact with solid concrete.  (refresher course - he's at about 1.15 here)   He's - having a pretty bad time of it.  Calvary charge to the rescue?  Cloud needs to hear from his friends to give him the strength to push himself back up and win this fight.  So for this, those with previous CR only please but anyone with previous CR no matter how small is welcome to chime in.  Come remind Cloud why he does this?

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[One could understand why the blond is having trouble getting back up into the fight. But considering he's the only one capable of finishing this fight... he has no real choice but to go back into it.]

You're not giving up now, are you Cloud?
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[The civil politeness is still there despite the near insult, there's a mix of faint sardonic humor mixed in with the seriousness of the words.]

We both know you're the only one capable of going up against him. If you don't finish this.. who will?

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Hey! Talk to me! What's going on?
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What, you? With that big-ass sword you lug around? C'mon!

Get on your feet and get back out there, alright?

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Cloud! Can you hear my voice?

[Now that she finally has someone this close to her, like a brother who treats her like a sister, is she going to lose him?

And can she make her feelings reach him at all?]
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[She's worried, and that's a feeling she'd barely thought possible. She talks to him by the only claim she has over him: the one he's given her.]

As a sister, I definitely won't allow you to give up right now!

[As harsh as the words sound, they melt to something softer a moment later.]

Because, I need you to be there.

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Things are looking tough again, huh. [ But all that she lets come through is cheer--because she knows that's what Cloud needs when things seem tough ]
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You're not going to shoo me now of all times?

It won't work. I'm staying here. [ In touch with him--so he'll never be truly alone. ]

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[Odd, how Tseng knows exactly how being on the receiving end of something like that feels. It's survivable, and he knows exactly how tough the kid is.]

We've both walked away from far worse, you didn't survive Hojo to let something like Sephiroth being stubborn stop you.
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You should get better at dodging then.

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C'mon Cloud, kill that asshole!

Get off your ass and fuckin' cut him up!
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Cause I am one. Same old genius.

Nope. Not my orders. [She sticks with the boss, and she assumes the other Reno's doing the same. Reno solidarity!] I already fought the other two.

That's your job. Get the hell up and kick him in the nuts. I'd pick you up again if I was there, but you gotta do it yourself this time.

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[Again? He doesn't understand why he keeps having these thoughts and visions. They're repetitive and strange and disturbing.

Maybe there is something wrong with him. He lets out a long breath.]

What does this mean?

...should ask Zack...
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I didn't.

I become a monster too, is that it? Are we all monsters?

What did he do to me?

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Haha, I don't even know

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[Though she's seen her fair share of fighting, watching Cloud fight Sephiroth (again) gives her some anxiety. She's clutching her materia pretty tight there while she gives her own brand of encouragement.]

Are you really going to let that Mama's boy win? You beat him once, you can beat him again! This will be cake.

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Don't you dare give up, Cloud! You can win this fight! I know you can!

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